Thursday, 25 August 2016


Ms Jeong was away sick today so we had Ms Newman to teach us. 

We continue to practise identifying which sound a word end in. 
We played a special game of 'I Spy' in which Ms Newman said 'I spy with my little eye something ENDING with...'. We had to figure out which picture matched, and sort them into the correct letter columns.  

Charlotte - drum (ends with m)
Chiarah - shed (ends with d)
Jessica - bird (d)
Anneke - jam (m)
Ishana - sad (d)
Eloise - arm (m)
Crystelle-Marie - bread (d)
Phynix - bird (d)
Chloe - swim (m)
Mila B - drum (m)
Kate - shed (d)

We had extra time in the Big Space today because we did not have our usual art or library lesson.  
Mrs Abfalter set up some watercolour paints and we all got creative!

Extended time allowed us to develop some more complex play together. 

 This group are on their way to the beach, in Queensland!

Chloe and Crystelle-Maree made many highly decorated 'cupcakes'. 

We had some quiet time doing yoga inside the classroom.  We went on a yoga adventure and did a lot of stretching and relaxation in the process!

We read "The Tiger who came to Tea" by Judith Kerr.
We read and counted out how many words were in the title of the book and read the blurb on the back cover. 
We talked about what the story might be about and whether tigers really drink tea and knock on peoples' doors!

What do tigers eat?
Olive - maybe bacon
Kate - people
Jiashan - meat
Mila B - pigs

Get well soon Miss Jeong!!
Have a great time at the Pet Show everyone!

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