Thursday, 11 August 2016

Happy Birthday Ishana!

Ms Jeong was out of class today and Ms Newman came to teach us.

We are getting so good at identifying the first sound in a word that we are now working on hearing the last sound in a word too. 

Today we played a game in two teams - red monkeys and blue monkeys. 
Ms Newman said a word, and we had to stretch out the word and identify the last sound. 

Some of the words:
jam - m (Jessica)
food - d - (Tiffany)
am - m - (Chiarah)
room - m - (Charlotte)
seed - d - (Jude)
sad - d - (Myrsina)
lid - d - (Isabella)

It was a tight contest with the red team getting to the top of their ladder just one space ahead of the blue team. 

Assembly was in the Big Space today with Kindergarten and Year 1.  Julia came and talked to us about her experience when she entered the World Championships in rowing. She had lots of medals to show us and told us how hard she had to work to get to the World Championships. We all thought that Julia was just one of our swimming teachers! Now we know that she is also a former PLC girl and world champion rower. She taught us that with a strong passion and lots of hard work (and sometimes very early mornings!) you can do anything. 
We then practiced our singing for our Christmas Concert.

Ms McMullan was sick today so Mrs Shuttleworth took our lesson.  She read us a book called "KIng Pig" by Nick Bland.  It is about a pig king who treats his sheep subjects poorly and can not understand why no one adores him.  He shouts but no one listens.  He throw eggs to get their attention! He takes all their wool to make magnificent costumes for him to wear, thinking that this will make the sheep like him. Mrs Shuttleworth talked to us about better ways to get attention, and what the king could do that might make the sheep more likely to like him! At the end of the story the king final begins to understand, and makes coats for all the sheep, which the sheep think is a good start!
We also talked about Book Week, and we are all starting to think about which book character we want to dress up as for Book Feast! We looked at some photos from last year to get some inspiration.

We continue to work on our numbers from 0-10. We are all practising how to write our numbers correctly. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, especially Ishana, who turns five today!
We each have a chocolate in our bags to help us celebrate Ishana's birthday.

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