Sunday, 7 August 2016

Magic Water Monday

We started our wonderful Monday with a weather report by Isabella, Faye, Chiarah and Sophia T telling us what the day was going to be like. Jiashan thought today was windy, Ishana thought it was sunny. 
The girls put up today's date and Isabella chose what day today was.  Our Channel 7 News Reporters were Crystelle-Marie and Tiffany.  They did an amazing job.

We looked at the letter 'Rr' with Ms Jeong.  
We did some stretching out of words that start with the sound 'Rr' like, Rock, Rabbit, Rain, Rat, Red, Ring. There were some words that were trying to trick us like fish, dinosaur and igloo.  We all knew these didn't start with sound 'Rr'.

Mr Morphew reminded us about what we learnt last week - the theme Gratitude. This week we learnt about 'Honesty'. 
But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all. 

Mr Morphew asked the question: What does swearing mean?
He is not talking about rude words, it is more like taking an oath. It means to tell the truth. 
When God promises - he keeps his promise. 
Jesus invites us to a world where he helps us to become more honest. 

Miss Clouston got us to sing some songs like Candle in the Wind, Seesaw.  We had to count out how many beats have 2 sounds.  We had to listen very carefully when we were singing the words.  We then sand 'ta ta tete ta' high and low and did actions to indicate the high and low sounds. We ended the lesson singing our favourite song 'Baby Beluga".  We need to practice this song so we can get familiar with the words.

Miss Jeong talked to us about how we made the magic water - the receipe. We all decided we needed salt, a spoon, hot water, mix it, cup, spoon.  Then we decided What to Do!
1. get a cup of hot water
2. put salt in water
3. mix it
Sophia B said that 'we need ingredients' and 'these are things used to make it'. Téa suggested 'you need to put ingredients at the top so we will know what we need'.  
Things that we need are called 'tools' said Kate.  We are all getting familiar with what ingredients and tools are and when it is all put together it is called a RECIPE - says Sophia B.  

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