Sunday, 14 August 2016

Merry Monday

We started our Monday with the weather chart, Miss McKendry asked us:

What days are the weekend days?
Myrsina - Saturday and Sunday.

If today is Monday what day is tomorrow?
Eloise - Tuesday!

Yesterday was the 14th so what would today be?
Kaitlyn - 15th

We then looked out the window to decide what sort of day it was. We chose our sunny, windy pictures to put on our weather chart. Our Channel 7 Weather Presenters for today were Chloe and Anneke.  They did a great job telling us today's date, what day it is and the weather.

We learnt a new letter today Gg.  We learnt that it can make the sound g as in gateMiss McKendry showed us some pictures - some of them mad ethe sound g as in gate but some pictures did not and were trying to trick us. We had to say the picture name and decide if it started with the g sound, and then put the picture in the correct spot on the wall.

Mila F - g - green
Phynix - g - goat
Eloise - a - ant
Chiarah - g -gum
Kate - g - gate
Isabella - s - star
Jessica - r - rabbit
Chloe - m - mouse
Jude - g - girl
Myrsina - d - dinosaur

We talked about the capital letter G and the lowercase letter g. Some of us drew pictures of words that started with the g sound.

Kaitlyn - goat
Anneke - god
Sophie - gold
Jiashan - gate
Olive - gum
Ishana - go
Chiarah - gown, glasses

Phynix also found another sound that Gg can make! g as in gel. Wow!

Mrs Abfalter did some rocket counting 0-15 forwards and backwards. Then we did some actions to match the numbers that Mrs Abfalter pointed to.

Then we all sat in a circle and rolled a big dice to one another. We had to say how many dots on the dice and explain how we worked out the answer.

Chiarah 4 - because there are 2 and another 2 dots
Ishana - 5 - because there are 3 and then 2 more dots

Then some of us used number cards to make a human number line.  The girls sitting on the mat had to answer the questions "If I am _____, what number comes before me?" "If I am ____, what number comes after me?". We are getting better at this and will get more practice each week.

We had some big space time today and we enjoyed doing some collage. We got to stick some amazing pom poms on paper, and we also were able to do some water colour painting.  Which is one of our favourite things to do!!

Miss Jeong continued working with small groups to write the procedure for Magic Water. We are practising to listen to the sounds in simple words and stretch them out so we can write them down.

Miss McKendry finished working with us to complete drawings of different activities we do during the day and during the night.

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