Monday, 22 August 2016

Mufti Day Tuesday

Our Channel 7 weather reporters today were Myrsina, Sofia B and Kaitlyn.

We looked at the name and sound of the letter Oo.
Miss McKendry had picture cards and we had to say whether it started with the sound Oo and place the card on the correct spot on our board.

We then had to think of a word that starts with Oo and draw it on the whiteboard.
 Octopus. Chiarah
 Oreo. Kaitlyn
Octagon. Ishana 
 Old. Anneke
 Ocean. Jiashan

Today we had a special visitor tell us stories for Book Week. Miss Lee is a storyteller and children’s librarian with experience in early literacy programs and storytelling for children of all ages. Her storytelling apron holds pockets full of stories that delight young audiences. She tells stories using audience participation, paper folding, magic, props and puppets to encourage language development, listening skills, imagination and a love of story. 

We had P.E. in the hall today and started off running with hoops from one cone to another.  We then tried walking with the hoop - moving it forward and then stepping over it. We ended the lesson with Miss McKirdy and Mrs Abfalter holding a very long rope that we had to jump over.  This was hard and we had to get the time right otherwise we got caught up in the rope. 

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