Monday, 15 August 2016

Pre-Kindy Party Day

We were so lucky to celebrate two girls birthdays in Pre-Kindy today. Happy Birthday to Crystelle-Marie for yesterday and T‎éa for today. Both girls turned 5. WOW! 

We also got double the cupcakes.....YUM!!!

Mrs Lloyd showed us our completed artwork which makes our imaginary pathway that might lead us to a fairy garden or maybe even the moon.  We lay them on the floor and each one looked so different.  Some of us still have to finish our artwork.
Mrs Lloyd brought in clay for us to see and we passed it around so we could look at it up close and feel the texture of it.  We will be using clay next week! How exciting.

We went out into the big space and used play-dough in preparation for using our clay on Friday.  We shaped the playdough into a square and made patterns with some different shapes.  We used colorful shells, flowers, crowns, beads to do this.  We had to press these down into the playdough but not too hard otherwise the play doh will break.  Once we had finished our playdough tiles Mrs Lloyd will take a photo.  We noticed some of the items had a different feel.  The shell felt rough, flowers were smooth.  This determines what sort of pattern will come out onto the tiles.

Ms Jeong read us Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss.  Tiffany pointed out where the title of the book was and then counted out the words on the front cover.  Faye counted out every single letter on the front cover.  There were 15 letters in the title.

We need to learn the difference between words and letters.  This will help us to read.
Before reading the story Miss Jeong asked us what the book might be about.
He drops ham and eggs. Kaitlyn
He doesn't like eating ham and eggs. Jiashan
Miss Jeong asked - "What is a blurb?"
Something at the back that is about the book. T‎éa
We talked about things we haven't tried. Miss Jeong explained that she has never been scuba diving. 
I haven't climbed a tree before. Ishana
I haven't read a book by herself before. Chloe
If we want to find out what something is like we need to give it a go. 

Miss Jeong talked to us about positional language and what they mean't such as:

next to, on top, under, in and in the middle

To demonstrate this Chiarah sat in the middle of 2 chairs.

Isabella sat next to her

Eloise - stood on top of a chair.

Faye - Next to the bin

Mila B - under the table

Phynix - on top of table

T‎éa - inside the bin

Charlotte - in middle of bin and chair

We ended the lesson by sitting on the line in the big space and then we put our feet into our sports shoes!  We are so clever.

Miss McKirdy had us playing a game called Pokeman Girl.  Two of us got chosen to wear the bright coloured tops and we had to tip another person.  When tipped they had to sit on the line.  We could only move by walking on a line.  This was so much fun.  We had to focus on staying on the line the whole time.  This will help us to remember to stay in our lanes on our big race day which is Friday!

We did some activities with the hoop and then we split into two groups and played Helicopters. Mrs Abfalter and Miss McKirdy had a very long rope and we had to jump over it.  We had to be quick.  We were very puffed at the end and so were the teachers!

It is dress as an athlete day tomorrow to support the Olympics. 

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