Monday, 1 August 2016

Terrific Tuesday

We started our day with the date and weather chart. 

We had two new Channel 7 Weather reporters today - Mila B and Myrsina.  They told us today's weather and date. We feel that Channel 7 will be calling soon. 

We wonder who will be the next weather girl?

Mrs Lloyd asked us to finish off our imaginary drawings and collage.  We also worked on our different coloured backgrounds with Mrs Lloyd in the art area.  We will be getting these up on the walls by the end of the week.  We can't wait for you to see them.
Next week we will be working with clay.

Ms Jeong asked us what sound and name the following letters make i, f, t, d.
Ms Jeong showed us some pictures like, fan, flower, feather, turtle, door, dolphin, igloo.  We had to say beginning sound then the word 
d - dolphin
d - door
t- turtle
Sophie - f-flower
Isabella - i- ink
Sophia T - i -injection
Crystelle Marie - i- igloo
Ms Jeong then said a word like dolphin and we had to put it under the correct letter it started with
Mila F - injection
Isabella t- turtle
Chiarah - i - ink
We did really well at this.

Ms Martin showed us how to form patterns with shapes using the Ipad.  This was a lot of fun because we could rotate the shapes and place them on top of another shape.

Today's Birthday girls were: Mila B, Crystelle-Marie, Ishana, Téa, Phynix had birthday celebrations with Dr Burgis. We were given a card and chocolate and we got to tell Dr Burgis what we did or were going to do for our birthday.  

During our Time lesson we looked at Morning activities vs Afternoon activities. Miss Mckendry showed us some pictures and we had to work out as a class whether they were morning or afternoon activities. We then popped them into a timeline. 

Miss Jeong did an experiment with hot water and salt. She told us that it was Magical writing water and she wrote her name with it. We will get to see the result tomorrow and do some name writing using this magic water. YAY!!!

Ms McKirdy got us to practice running in a straight line from one cone to another.  This is to help us stay in our lanes on our big race day.  We then ran with a hoop around us and had to pick up a ball half way.  Leave the hoop and keep running.  This was tricky as there was so much to remember.  
We ended our lesson going outside and running 2 laps around the oval.  We were so puffed at the end we all had to have a drink before heading back to Pre-K.

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