Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Miss McKendry read us a story called "Annie to the Rescue" by Deborah Miland.
Chiarah pointed to title of the book.
Crystelle-Marie pointed to the back cover.
Tiffany pointed to author/illustrator and explained their important job . "[An author is] someone who writes words and an illustrator is someone who draws pictures!"

Miss McKendry explained that a blurb is the writing that is at the back of a book. It tells you a bit about the story.

Before reading the book Ms McKendry asked us what we thought the book would be about.
Chiarah - about a cat that gets stuck in a tree
Ishana - about a dog that is rescued

We talked about climbing a tree and that sometimes you have to be brave to do this. Brave means:
Kaitlyn - being tough
Sophie - when you cry just a little bit
Has anyone been rescued before?
Tiffany - when I was swimming at the beach my dad rescued me then I vomited
Sophie - I rescued my dog from eating chocolate biscuits

We had our dancing session outside today. We were so happy that it was sunny. We danced with Kindergarten and had a lot of fun. We pretended we had chewing gum on our shoes and had to bend our leg up and move to the side for one of the songs.  We all kept up with the music and none of us tripped over!


After fruit play we came back inside and some of us played in the big space, while some of us played in the classroom. 

Miss McKendry worked with some of us to draw activities we do during the daytime and night time. Miss Jeong worked with small groups to write the procedure about Magic Water. We practised listening to the sounds in words and using our stretching hands, to say words slowly.

Yesterday was a busy assembly, and there was not enough time to announce the awards. Today we handed these out in class. 

Congratulations to Isabella, Faye and Sophia T, who received certificates. We are very proud of them for trying so hard in Pre-K.

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