Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Thumps Up Thursday

We have started learning a new rap to perform on Grandparent's Day. You might catch us rapping it every now and then. It's called 'Once Upon a Time in a Nursery Rhyme'.

Today we practised listening to the beginning sounds in words and revised some of the sounds we have learnt so far. We had to match the picture card to the correct letter card, depending on the beginning sound in the word.

Miss Jeong also challenged us afterwards to listen to the last sound in some words that she stretched out.

o - octopus

g - green

d - dog

Today we learnt a partner dance to the song 'Funkytown'. We had a great time! We did a good job listening to the dance teacher to follow instructions. It was tricky to remember who belonged to Group 1 and who belonged to Group 2. We had heaps of fun anyway!

Mrs Clouston saw us for music this morning. We missed her and were so happy to make-up our lesson! We sang "Lucy Lockett" and had to decide how many sounds were in each word. Our listening skills are improving. We got to use the drum and do the beat to the song. This was a lot of fun! The drummer sat in the middle of the circle and everyone else had to sing the song. 

We are learning a new song about a dog and we sang this with a partner. We got a little bit confused when we had to change partners but with more practice it will get easier.

Mrs Abfalter helped us to finish our Father's Day gifts. We really enjoyed making these and we will be bringing them home tomorrow. We are so excited and can't wait to surprise our dads!!!!

Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong worked with research groups to continue planning the home for our make-believe characters.

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