Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Thursday Thoughts

We started our day with a great weather report from:
Isabella - telling us that today is Thursday
Mila F - Yesterday was Wednesday
Sofia B - tomorrow is Friday

If yesterday was the 24th, what is the date today?
Faye - 25th

We looked out our weather window and thought today was
Tea - little bit sprinkly
Jessica - little bit windy
Charlotte - cloudy
Kaitlyn - cold

Our channel 7 weather reporters were Ishana and Eloise.  They did an amazing job!

We had our dancing in the Big Space because it was too wet outside. We love dancing the chicken song! The teachers gave stickers out to the girls trying really hard.


Miss McKendry read a book called "Big Rain Coming" by Katrina Germein.  It was about a thunderstorm.

Have you ever played in a thunderstorm?
Sophie - I jumped in a puddle
Faye - I was in a thunderstorm.  There was a loud bang and I ran inside and hid behind my mum.

Do you need to wear special clothes in the rain?
All - A raincoat!

We discussed some words that we don't hear a lot. It is interesting learning new words.

What does Billabong mean?
Tiffany - a pond

What does leaky mean?
Jessica - not enough water (good try)
It is something that is letting water out!

What does echo mean?
Charlotte - when you shout something out
Eloise - voices keep going and going

During Big Space time some students researched in their Project Groups with Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry. We are making plans to turn our classroom environment into the Land of Make Believe. The Ghost group decided that the space for the ghosts would need to be very dark!

Some of us practised stretching words with Mrs Abfalter. We had to say what the picture card was and then stretch it out. Then we had to figure out how many sounds were in each word. Some of the words were:
c o t
m a t
s o ck s
m a n

We are very keen to check on what is happening to our crystals that we are growing. We are making observations everyday and recording them in our Pre-Kindy observation diary.

Mrs Abfalter and Miss Jeong practised numbers with us. We counted forwards and backwards from 0-15. We are trying to learn how to quickly count dot cards and explain how we worked out how many there were altogether.
Mila B - 5 - because 3 and 2 make 5
Myrsina - 6 because 2 and 4 makes 6
Anneke - 6 because 3 and 3 makes 6

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