Monday, 29 August 2016

Tricky Tuesday

Today Mrs Abfalter was sadly away as she was sick. The poor teachers! We hope Mrs Abfalter feels better soon.

Today we began with some PreLit. We practised stretching out some words and also listening to sounds to figure out the word.

We are getting very good at learning the days of the week. The weather reporters for today were Chiarah and Mila F. They did a great job!

During Big Space time Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong worked with different research groups to continue planning home for the unicorns, ghosts and fairies. The other groups will continue soon!

The Unicorn Group creating their space:

The Ghost Group Planning their space:

The Fairy Group Planning their space:

Today the group played with the Bee-Bots.

We had fun with Miss McKirdy at PE. We rotated between activities, practising our running and jumping skills.

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