Monday, 8 August 2016

Tuesday Tricks

This morning Mrs Lloyd explained to us that we would be making tiles that will form a pathway to the Land of the Make Believe!! We used paper, outlined our design in black markers and painted them with watercolour paints. Mrs Lloyd reminded us of the rules when using watercolour paints. We must remember to wash our brushes when we change colours and remember not to use too much water, or the paper will rip. In the weeks to come we will be making square tiles from clay.

Some of us also continued making magic wands with wool. We will be bringing these home today for you to see! We loved creating these and pretending to be all sorts of fairies, witches and wizards.

Today we practised saying words slowly (sounding out words). Miss McKendry put up three picture cards on the wall and stretched out a word. We had to guess what the word was. We are also practising using our stretching hands. We are getting very good at stretching out our words!

Revising the sounds we have learnt so far.
f-a-n makes fan
p-i-n makes pin
We are using our stretching hands!

Miss Martins showed us an app that uses different shapes, like triangles, squares, diamonds and octagons. We were given the challenge to see if we could cover the screen in shapes without leaving any white space. To do this we had to drag shapes into the centre of the screen. We were able to change the colour of the shapes and rotate them if we wanted to. This took some practice but in the end we did it!

Miss McKirdy set up our lesson outside today. We started with 1.5 laps of the oval to warm us up then we practiced our races for our upcoming Athletics Carnival. We are getting better at staying in our lanes and focusing on the coloured cones at the other end. We can't wait for our first school carnival!!

The Witches Group worked with Miss McKendry and had a meeting about what we already knew about witches. We also brainstormed questions about what we wonder ad would be interested in researching. Ms Jeong did the same, but with the Ghost Group. We wonder..... do ghosts wear clothes?????


We have some lost property that has not been been claimed. There is a vest which has the name "Madeline Cope" (a second-hand item) written on the tag. It is a size 6.

The lost hat appears to be new, but is not labelled.

Please let us know if either of these items belong to your daughter. They are in our small lost property basket.

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