Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Thinking Thursday

Our day of dancing the morning away happened.  We love dancing time and did a lot of different actions mimicking animals like elephants and monkeys. We danced to the song - I just can't wait to be king from the Lion King.  

We had fruitplay inside today due to the wet weather.  But once we finished eating we got to play outside for.  It was so good to get outside.

We were luckily to get across the road without getting wet. Mrs Clouston had us singing lots of songs. We learn't to recognise the beat and rhythm to each one.

We sang "Baby Beluga" and some of us used the finger puppets like fish and sharks! We walked in front of the video screen with our puppets whilst singing the song. We felt like we were swimming under the ocean.

Once back from music we got time to play in the big space.
Mrs Abfalter played a number game at one of the tables. Sophie, Jiashan, Ishana did some AMAZING counting.  We are starting to add on.  

Miss Jeong took some of us to finish off our magic writing using salt and water.  We used a paint brush to do this and wrote our names onto black cardboard. They look amazing.

Miss McKendry was testing some of us on our daytime/nighttime knowledge. The girls were asked to draw a picture of something they would do during the day and a picture of an activity they would do at night. 

Sofia B did a drawing of her playing in the park.

What a crazy weather day!! Fingers crossed the weather is a little better tomorrow! 

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