Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Weather Girl Wednesday

We started our day with our weather chart.  We all looked out the window and Faye said it was a sunny day today.  Our Channel 7 Weather Reporters were Charlotte and Ishana.  They did a great job saying what day it was, today's date and what the weather was going to be today.

We started our lesson doing our favourite thing DANCING. One of the songs is called "Love the Lord your God".

What is God's most important rule?  To love thy neighbour and to love God. None of us can do this perfectly. Jesus lived the perfect life and gave it up for us.
Mr Morphew read us a story about Jesus last supper.  Jesus showed his people he loved them by washing their feet.  

How can we show people we love each other? 
By doing things at home for mum and dad and helping them. What can you do at home?
Washing the toilet. Faye
Feeding my rabbit. Chiarah

We watched a video on Jersusalem and some of the things we noticed were:
So many people and the streets were small. Téa

Back then a lot of the people had stinky feet because they use to wear sandals and they were always stepping in animal droppings.  So washing people's feet was generally a servants job.  But Jesus didn't care.  He did it anyway.  He loved everyone equally no matter if they were king or a poor person.
We ended our lesson by drawing a picture of us helping someone we love.

Year 6 ran the Junior School assembly today and did an amazing job.  We learnt a new song called "Give Thanks" and then year 6 gave us an update on the Rio Olympics and we watched some of the highlights. We also saw photos of the opening ceremony.  We are coming 3rd in the Olympic Tally. Go Australia!!

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