Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Wet, Rainy Wednesday

Mr Morphew reflected on a story he read to us last week about the Israelites and Samaritans, and how they were meant to be enemies but they helped each other. We did a role play of the story. It was a lot of fun and great to watch! Some of us dressed up and played a character from of the story.

Mr Morphew told us "Your enemy is not always who you think they are!" Jesus said "Love your friends, and even if people are not nice to you, treat them like a friend".

What is some ways we can show our friends we love them?
Hug them. Anneke
Give them a surprise. Eloise
Love with all your heart. Kate
Play with them if they're by themselves. Sophia T

Mrs Abfalter did a number lesson with us. We practised rocket counting, reading numerals, and counting dots and explaining how we worked out the answer. 

"[There are] 6! Because there is 3 dots and 3 dots." Eloise

We also sequenced the numbers 0-10, and are getting better at figuring out what comes before and after a number!

Miss Jeong read us the story, 'The Very Itchy Bear'. We are good at locating the book title and author/illustrator's names. We helped Miss Jeong to read the story by pointing out where to continue reading on each page, and which direction to go.

Today we chose our groups for our new Project. We will be working in these groups to do lots of different activities.

Today we put on our raincoats to get to PE.  It was in Thompson Hall due to the rain. We met Jaelle, from Rythmic Gymnasts. She taught us with KS. This was so special because we got to take our shoes off and we did different movements on a special mat. 

We started with some stretching then we did some pirouettes. This was tricky and some of us kept falling over! We formed teams and rolled balls to our partners. Rolling it in a straight line was hard!

Jaelle can do a lot of tricks with a hoop, clubs and a very long ribbon. She is so clever!

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