Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Windy Wednesday

Mr Morphew read us a story about 10 men who had Leprosy (lots of sores all over your body) who had to leave their village because they were so sick and the doctor could not make them better. They couldn't stay with their families so they felt very sad and alone.
One day they saw a crowd of people coming towards them and Jesus was amongst them.

Jesus sent them to the Temple Church and told them to go and see if they were still sick!
They started noticing their hands, arms were getting better.  Jesus had made them well.  They were so happy they all went home to celebrate with their families.
One man thanked Jesus before leaving. Jesus was sad that only one man came back to say thank you.
We then had to think of things we are thankful for:
Kaitlyn - chocolate
Phynix - soap
Myrsina - lollies
Chiarah - shops
Tiffany - flowers
Faye - builders
We thanked God for all these things in prayer.
We then did a drawing of the 10 sick men and the man who said thank you.


We had a wonderful assembly today and saw different numeracy and literature songs and sketches that Pre-K to Year 6 presented. 
The Assembly started off with seeing our own Pre-K video with all of us singing "5 fat sausages sizzling in a pan" song. We loved seeing ourselves up on the big screen. We did such a good job!

We looked at numbers and saw how they can be made into fractions and decimals.
Year 1 sang "counting fish". They clearly had practiced a lot. WOW.

Year 6 did a great letter demonstration with them all wearing a big letter and commented on how they felt being that letter.

We realised there is so many things you can do with numbers and letters!


We had different workstations to do and we rotated from one activity to another.  We loved having a go at every activity and then moving on to the next one.  We did hoops, skipping, running and then jumping over a rope, hopscotch and high jumps.  We were very hot at the end of the lesson so we had a drink as soon as we got back.

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