Monday, 5 September 2016

Creative Tuesday

We started our day doing Art with Mrs Lloyd. We talked about our magical clay tiles and how we will be painting them today with magic glazes. It was so exciting because the colour we painted the tiles isn't the colour it will be when they come out of the kiln.They will be in the hot oven for one day and one night! The tiles will change colour because the kiln gets so hot the properties in the colour changes.

When we painted the tiles with the magical glaze we had to make sure we used the same brush for each glaze otherwise it won't work. We are very excited about how they will look when they come out of the oven.

Miss McKendry read us a book called 'The Pout-Pout Fish' by Deborah Diesen and illustrated by Dan Hanna. We talked about what an Illustrator does and an author and practiced retelling the story from beginning to end. We also listened for rhyming words throughout the story.

What does dreary-wearies mean?
Phynix - spreading germs
Rea - sad

What advice did Miss Clam give to the Pout-Pout Fish?
Turn your frown... 
Everyone - upside down!

What does silent mean? 
Charlotte - quiet

When do you have to be silent?
Athena - when the teacher's talking
Tea - rest time

What is a tentacle?
Chiarah - it could be a bit stingy
Sofia B - for sucking things

We love learning how to code using Bee-Bots with Miss Martins!

We started our lesson with a game where we had to walk along a line on the floor. Two people were the tipsters and they had green bibs on. This was a fast game because you had to make sure you didn't get tapped otherwise you sat down and became a road block making it hard for others to get through.

We got into teams and practiced bouncing the ball to the cone and back again. It was hard to keep the ball under control and for some of us it kept getting away.

We then got into two groups and formed a circle and practiced bouncing the ball to one another.

During Big Space today Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry worked with some more research groups to plan and make homes for our make-believe characters.

The Witch Group finished their plan and created their witches house. It has a broom closet and a stone path.

The mermaid group found that mermaids live in sparkly, beautiful places that have lots of bubbles and fish. They live deep down in the sea and there is lots of seaweed and coral. Mermaids live in castles!

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