Thursday, 1 September 2016

Finally Friday!

What a rainy day! We spent our day indoors for most of the day. Miss McKendry was away sick today. We hope she feels better! Mrs Abfalter stayed with us for the whole day, which was really nice.

We were so happy to have Mrs Lloyd back with us! She showed us how to begin rolling out clay so that we may begin designing our tiles for our pathway that will lead into our Land of Make-Believe. It was a lot of fun! We can't wait for our tiles to be put into the kiln.

We have been learning some songs for our upcoming Evandale Christmas Concert. Miss Jeong, Mrs O'Doherty and Miss Hobson taught us the 'Shooting Star Song'. We are looking forward to learning more!

We also practised our Grandparent's Day Rap again.

We needed our raincoats to walk over to library today. We were very happy to visit the library because we didn't get to borrow any books last week due to all the Book Week activities. We are excited to read out new books!

Mrs McMullan read us the book 'On the Road'. We are learning about road safety and the importance of being sensible when we are near the road. Especially when we have to cross the road!

Miss Jeong finished planning with the unicorn group. They have designed their home for the unicorns in our classroom.

Mrs Abfalter read us the story 'Pout-Pout Fish' by Deborah Diesen. It was about a sad little fish who spread his "dreary-wearies" around all over the place. Luckily he realises at the end that he doesn't have to be a pout-pout fish!

We were very impressed with Charah's drawing skills!

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