Thursday, 15 September 2016

Happy Birthday Tamsin!


As usual, we worked together to figure out today's day and date.  
Then we looked out the window to decide what the weather was like.
Although it had been raining, Faye told us that it was now sunny and a bit cloudy. We could see the PLC flag flying, so we knew it was windy.
Tamsin told us that today is Friday, then we all knew that yesterday must have been Thursday, and that tomorrow is Saturday, hooray!

Then Sophie and Sofia B gave us the weather report for Friday 16th September 2016.


We looked at sounds at beginning of words and the end of words.
We stretched out the sounds to figure out whether the 'g' sound was at the beginning or the end.
The example was g-oa-t we all said g was the beginning sound, but in bag, it is at the end. 

Jia-shan told us that in 'leg' the 'g' sound is at the end.


We practised our Christmas songs today.  We are starting to remember the words to all the different songs.

Some students in year 2 talked to us about how concerned they are about children throwing out food at lunch time.  They suggested that if we don't want our food we should take it home so our parents know what we have eaten. If we don't take it home, we might not get a chance to talk to our mum or dad about what we actually eat during the day. 


Today we talked about road safety again and how to safely cross the road at a traffic light. 
We practised waiting for the light to go green, but still checking both directions before quickly walking straight across the road.

We listened to a road safety song (the words were also on the screen). 

Mrs McMullen read us a book about road safety. 
On each page there was a picture of people crossing the road and we decided 
whether they were crossing safely or not. 

We did not borrow books today as it was our last Library lesson for Term 3. 
Our book bags will stay at school until Term 4. 
Mrs McMullen told us that she is having a long holiday and we will not see her until we are Kindy girls! Mrs Kent will be taking our Library lessons in Term 4. 

Instead of borrowing books we spent some time doing puzzles of book covers!


We played "Buzz off", counting up to twelve. This is one of our favourite games at the moment. 
Sophie and Tea were our winners.

We all wish Tamsin a wonderful birthday weekend! 
Have fun being five! 

NOTE: If your daughter has a cap at home could she please bring it in for our Rap for Grandparents day. Thank you. 

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