Sunday, 11 September 2016

Monday 12.09.2016

Today we did Pre-Lit with Mrs Abfalter and practiced the sound Ll and the name of the letter.  Mrs Abfalter held up some pictures and we had to say what the picture was and the sound it started with.  Some of the pictures were tricky and didn't start with the sound Ll.
Some of the words were
We then placed the cards in the correct column

In the last few weeks we have spoken about Gratitude, Honesty, Persistence. Today Mr Morphew spoke about Questions - But why?
Why isn't God giving me that thing I am praying for?
Why did God let my friend get sick? Why isn't she getting better?
We should always ask questions. Questions are how we learn and can help us learn more about God. God is infinite - there will always be more to learn. You need to trust God before he will answer your questions.
Two biggest questions we need to ask ourselves is
1. Does God love me?
2. Can I trust him?
God loves us all and we must trust him.

Today we had P.E. outside so we wore our hats.  We had Mrs Bell teach us P.E. today.  We started with our favourite game called "Stuck in the Mud".  This is so much fun because 4 girls get selected to tip the others and once tip they have to freeze.
We then played "Rob the Nest" and we were split into teams.  We had to run really fast pick up a bean bag and then run back to our team.  The winner was the team with the most bean bags.
We ended up hot and puffed so we went and had a drink before heading back to Evandale.

Some of us went into our Project groups and Miss McKendry's group (Witches) made an amazing potion.
Miss Jeong spent some time with the Ghost group and they made a very scary ghost who sits near Mrs Abfalter's desk!
Mrs Abfalter worked on finishing the sparking stars with us and we will be putting these up tomorrow for you to see.

REMINDER: Tomorrow is Yum Cha Fruit Play. 

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