Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Thankful Thursday


What day is it today?
Sofia B - Thursday
What day is tomorrow?
Jessica - Friday
What day was it yesterday?
Athena - Wednesday and it starts with the letter W.
If yeseterday was 7th what is the date today?
Kaitlyn - the 8th

We all looked out the window and decided it was...
Ishana - little bit windy
Jessica - cloudy
Eloise - little bit sunny

Our Channel 7 weather girls were Sofia B and Tamsin.  They did a great job.

Miss McKendry had some pictures and we sounded the word out.
b a t makes bat
h a t makes hat
r a t makes rat

Miss McKendry then broke these into sounds and we had to say the word.
Tea - rat
Mila B - hat
Isabella - bat
Tiffany - jet
Olive - hug
Myrsina - wet
Charlotte - pet

We had so much fun dancing outside today.  We were all quite puffed at the end of it. We are getting better at keeping up with the dancing moves to the music.

We sang quite a few songs and picked out the beat and the rhythm whilst playing a game. We ended the lesson with the song Baby Beluga. We all love this song and we nearly know all the words to it.

Mrs Abfalter took groups of girls to make some magical stars with gold glitter. We will be putting these stars in the classroom in the Land of Make-Believe.

Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong worked with different research groups to continue their work to make homes for our make-believe characters.

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