Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tip Toe Tuesday

Mrs Lloyd asked us what the big hot oven is called that is baking our clay tiles! IT'S A KILN!

Some of us finished our clay tiles and the rest of us started painting our under the sea backgrounds, in preparation for next term. We did this with sponges. This was a lot of fun because we were able to do different patterns and strokes.

Some of us also began painting a sign for our Big Space for our Grandparents.

Today we practised listening to the sounds in words. We counted how many sounds we could hear by stretching out the words. Then we quickly blended sounds back together that Miss McKendry said to us to guess what the word was.

We played in small groups with our Bee Bots on different mats. We practised our skills and instructed it to go forwards, backwards and in circles. This was so much fun! We worked together really well.

At PE we did different workstations today. Some of the activities were on the high beam, swinging our bodies up high onto a bar and rolling down the mats, along with jumping. We had the best time doing all this... AND without much help from the teachers. We were so impressed with ourselves!

We worked in partners, in our research groups, to complete final paintings of our make-believe character homes. We have learnt a lot about working together with the other girls this term!

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