Monday, 12 September 2016

Totally Tuesday

We all looked out the window and decided it was cloudy and little bit windy with possible rain. Our Channel 7 weather reporters were Charlotte and Tea. They did an amazing job!

Mrs Abfalter held up some picture cards and we sounded out what the picture was. The pictures were 

d o g
s i t
h a t
j u g
f oo t
w i g

We counted how many sounds we could hear. They al had three sounds!

Mrs Abfalter then asked us what sound the words started with, and then we had to say what sound they ended with. We put the pictures in the correct column. We are getting very good at hearing sounds in words!

We went across to Hamilton for our some Yum Cha!  It was delicious! We sat down together and ate. It was so lovely!

We practised our numbers. The teachers are so impressed with us!

Miss McKendry and Miss Jeong spent some time with their research groups and Mrs Abfalter took some of us to start on our Grandparents badges.

Miss McKirdy had us doing a lot of different workstations today inside. We balanced on the beam, practised kicking, skipping and bouncing the ball.

We had heaps of fun and ended the lesson with a  BIG drink!

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