Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Mr Morphew showed us pictures of pyramids and different statues. We had to try and guess what the pictures were. The country was Egypt.
We talked about the story we read last week about Abraham who had lots of children. Abraham was very old, 99 years old and his wife was 94.
One of their grandsons was Moses and Moses was told by God to go to the king and tell him to free the slaves. God protected the slaves from being captured by building a wall of water.
If you believe in God he will always look after you. You just must have faith.

We went to Assembly today and saw students get awards for sport, chess and music. We practiced our Grandparents Song and some girls in Pre-K got awards as well. Congratulations to those girls.


We have had an amazing term and look forward to a wonderful Grandparent's Day tomorrow.

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