Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wednesday 14.09.16

We started out day with a number lesson with Miss Jeong.  We are getting very clever at counting the dots and explaining how we got that number.

Mr Morphew had a bag full of surprises.  We had to pull out 3 items. These three things represented a symbol to the story Mr Morphew was about to read.
Tamsin pulled out a star made out of old tie. Tamsin pretended to be a christmas tree and she had 3 stars hanging from her arms!

We had to try and remember the story so we could tell Mr Morphew why the stars were in the story.
The story was about Abraham and his wife Sarah. They were very old and God told them they would have a family. God said "you will have a very big family and through you, everyone will be blessed. Nine months later Sarah had a baby called Isaac. 
One day one of their family would be the promised one. Guess who this is - JESUS!
The stars meant that they would have a huge family and there would be so many just like the stars in the sky.
We all enjoyed this story and finished our lesson drawing in our new books!

Miss Jeong and Miss McKendry worked with their Project groups and Mrs Abfalter got some of us to finish our Grandparents badges.

Mrs Abfalter played a game where we had to get into 2 teams. Mrs Abfalter would say a word like
s i t
f oo t
b a g
l o g
t a g
p o t
fr o g
j o g

We had to listen for the last sound in the word and if we got it right we moved our monkey up the ladder. We all did really well at this game and the red monkey team won.

We had some time in the Evandale playground today. We had it all to ourselves. We played on everything and really enjoyed running around in the sunshine.

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