Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Today Miss Mckendry was at teacher school and Mrs Abfalter was away sick. It was so nice to see Miss Casella again!

We started the day with lots of number fun. We practiced our rocket counting, backwards from 15 and we had the best time explaining how we could quickly count how many dots were on Miss Jeong's posters. We are getting so quick!

Today in Christian Studies, we talked about the idea of grace – that friendship with God is a free gift that we don't have to pay for, work for, earn or deserve, because Jesus has already done it all for us by dying on the cross. We discussed and drew pictures of ways we could show the same kind of grace and love to our friends at school, and to our families.

Congratulations to Myrsina, Chiarah and Téa who received certificates today.

We learnt another song that we will sing with the whole Junior School on Grandparaents Day.

Miss Casella practised letter sounds with some girls and Miss Jeong started creating a mermaid home with her research group.

It was a very busy day! We are looking forward to having both Miss McKendry and Mrs Abfalter back tomorrow. We missed them!

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