Monday, 31 October 2016


We continued drawing our rocks with oil pastels. We cut them out and Mrs Lloyd stapled them onto our fish tank backdrop. They look amazing. Mrs Lloyd has started to put our fish up as well. Next time your in our Big Space check them out.

 Painting our fish with the sponge rollers.


Ms Jeong was away sick today so Ms Newman taught us. We looked at the letter 'Uu' and practiced what sound it makes and then we thought of some words that start with that sound like:
We also looked at letters u l g r and practiced the sounds and some of us thought of words like:
light - Tiffany
lizard - Jessica

We looked at a new App called "Doodle Buddy". We can draw and insert shapes and pictures with this App. It was so exciting. We can't wait to use it again.

Ms McKirdy had set up various workstations. We love doing these various activities. There was so much set up for such as:
balancing beams
rolling mats



We practiced number formation using whiteboards. We focused on numbers 0-6. We then practiced writing the numbers into our maths workbooks.

We have some goggles left here from the carnival.  If these are yours please claim them.

ALSO we would greatly appreciate any pieces of driftwood that you can get your hands on for our stage that will be set up as a fish tank. Thank you

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Swimming Carnival Day!!

We learnt the name of the letter 'u' and the sound it makes. We looked at words that start with the sound 'u' like umbrella, under, unhappy. Mrs Abfalter triyed to trick us with other pictures that started with different sounds but we were so clever. We had to pick a picture card say what it was and the sound it started with. We now know the names and sounds of the following letters:
a, c ,f, d, g, i, l, m, o, r, s, t, u .

We learnt about what REFLECTION means - To STOP and THINK. To practise this we had 1 minute silence at Chapel.We found this hard to do because we felt bored, distracted. Why do we find it so hard to STOP? What if God is right here trying to get our attention? It is important for us to have some quiet time to think and pray. Jesus often withdrew to a quiet place to pray.

We had so much fun at our carnival today and we are very proud of ourselves for trying our hardest at all our races. We loved showing our parents and carers how good we have become at swimming.


If you have more plastic bottles, please send them in to make rocket packs for our Christmas Concert costume. Thank you!