Thursday, 13 October 2016

Fantastic Friday

Mrs Lloyd showed us one of our tiles that had been glazed in the big hot kiln. We thought it looked so shiny and couldn't believe how the heat had changed it's colour. We can't wait to see all of them very soon.

Mrs Lloyd showed us how to draw a fish this morning. It was tricky to start with but when we tried a few times we had wonderful fish drawn in our art books. We put scales and different patterns on our fish.

Groups of us worked in the art area and continued painting our backdrop which will go up on the wall when it is finished. We will be adding a lot of animals and water life onto it.

We went into our Big Space and practiced our singing with the rest of Evandale. Our singing is getting a lot better because we now know the words to the songs. We are getting so excited about our Christmas concert.

Mrs McMullan is on leave until next year so we had a new teacher called Mrs Kent. We had a wonderful time in library today as Mrs Kent read us a story about water safety. It was called "Heather Jumped into the Water". We loved this story and learnt as long as we are sensible and careful around water there is nothing to be scared of.

We then watched a video about water safety. If you are a strong swimmer you can go into the water up to your neck otherwise only to your knees!

We could go into our ''Land of Make Believe" in our classroom today and play with all the amazing things. We have to be careful with all the playthings we have set up. We were so excited to explore the different areas.


We have produced a coffee table book of the class’s work from Term 3 project. This beautiful keepsake is available for you to purchase through the following website:

Alternatively we also have a PDF copy. If you bring in a USB, we are happy to copy the document on to it for you.

We have purchased a copy for the School and have it on display on top of the Pre-Kindy girls’ lockers. Please feel free to have a look through it.
We hope you enjoy!

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