Thursday, 27 October 2016

Fantastic Friday

Today we continued on with our foam printmaking.  Our fish are going to look so amazing and colourful up on the wall! We used oil pastels with different shades of browns to draw our rocks and shells. When using oil pastels we have to use our muscles and press really hard onto the paper to blend the colours together. When finished we will cut them out and they will go up on display on the board above out stage.

 Putting our finished rock drawings onto our background wall.

We enjoyed singing our Christmas songs today. We really enjoyed singing and doing the hand actions as well. We are learning the songs really quickly! We can't wait to perform our Christmas Concert!

Mrs Kent spoke to us about road safety and showed us how to safely cross the road.
Mrs Kent read us a story which explained how important it is to find a safe place to cross. We should never cross in between cars because we could get squashed, and we must always hold a grown ups hand.

Isabella - we need to stop where the cars don't get you and hold hands and listen!

Pairs of girls are working together to to be Reporters and Photographers. They need to work together to ask other students questions about what they are doing. Then they need to take photos of the girls and record what they are doing on paper.

Other girls have been writing numbers. We have learnt so much this year. We are still trying really hard to use correct formation. We are learning some fun rhymes to say to help us.

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