Sunday, 23 October 2016


We started our day with two Circle Solutions activities. Miss McKendry asked us the following questions:
Who likes Chocolate ice-cream?
Who plays tennis at school in the afternoon?
Who had toast for breakfast?

If we answered yes we stood up and moved to another spot in the circle.
The idea was to see how we are similar and different.
The second circle solution activity was called - The Laughter Chain.
Half the class lie in the center space with their heads on each others tummies. The first person in the line would giggle and then if we felt the movement on the persons tummy we would giggle too. This was so funny and we found it hard to contain our laughter. Then the other half of the class had a turn.

This activity promotes oxytocin, the 'feel good' hormone, and when this is shared it increases a sense of belonging.

Mrs Abfalter read us a story called "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers.
It was a funny story that all began when Floyd got his kite stuck in a tree!
We looked at some tricky words in the story like:
commotion, curious, flung and what they mean.


Ms Jeong showed us a book on FISH
We looked at what the "CONTENTS" of a book is and how to use it.
Ms Jeong asked us what kinds of fish there are:
King fish. Anneke
 Mandarin fish. Myrsina
 Red fish. Athena
 Sun and moon fish. Jude
Wow there are so many fish.
We talked about what fish need to survive in a fish-tank!
 Rocks big and small. Jessica
Water. Sophie
 Water plants. Phynix
Good germs. Mila B

We then got to watch a video all about the Sydney Aquarium to get us ready for our upcoming excursion. 


We are learning the correct formation of writing our numbers 0-10. 

NOTE: Please remember to bring in your daughters Christmas Concert Costume in a labelled plastic bag. We will store it in our classroom.

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