Monday, 17 October 2016

Sunny Tuesday

Our amazing Channel 7 Weather Reporters gave us a run down on today's weather. They told us what day it was today and what day tomorrow will be. We also sang our months of the year song. We are getting very clever at remembering what month it is and today's date.


 We had a class discussion about our new project. We talked about fish and fish tanks, what they are like and what makes them special. After our discussion we went out into the Big Space and drew what we knew.

We had some time today to have some amazing waterplay and sandplay. We have amazing orbeez in the water. They are really special! There were so many in the water and we had to be careful to not squish them.

Another fun day of swimming!








NOTE: We have a size 4 school blazer with no name on it.  If you are missing one please claim it.
Thank you!

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