Monday, 24 October 2016

Sunny Tuesday

Mrs Lloyd showed us how to paint over our fish print that we stenciled onto foam. It looks amazing when it has paint all over it. We did this with a paint roller. Then got to cut the fish out and stick it up onto our water background. We can't wait to see them all up on the wall.


We looked at numbers 0-6. Ms Jeong showed us the correct formation to write them. We all know you must start from the top of the number. We practiced tracing the number with our fingers in the air and then we partnered up with someone and with our fingers practiced writing the number on each other's backs. 

We then formed two teams and had a race to see who could write the numbers the quickest.

We finished the lesson by writing the numbers onto the whiteboards and then copying them into or workbooks. 

We did different leg movements and sitting positions today.

 Look at me! Well done Isabella

 We formed teams and did animal races. We pretended to be crabs, bears, monkeys and frogs. This took a lot of energy and by the end of it we were exhausted and in need of a big drink of water.

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