Monday, 10 October 2016


We hope you all had a wonderful break and look forward to a busy term 4.

We looked at words with 3 sounds like:
a n t
b a t
h o t
g oa t
t u b
t ee th
We picked out words that had the "t" sound at the beginning and at the end of the words.

Ms Martin's introduced to us a new app on the iPad called "doodle buddy". This was so much fun. We could draw with chalk, stamps, spiders, fire and a lot more. We look forward to doing more work on this app.

Ms McKirdy got us to practice rolling a ball to one another and stopping the ball.  We found this much easier to do sitting down.

We then tried it standing up. After we did rolling we tried bouncing to one another. At first this was hard but by the end of the lesson we got very clever at bouncing to one another.

We are looking at Living Creatures that live in a watery world. This term we will be looking at Freshwater worlds. We talked about shapes that live in a watery world. We are looking at shapes, textures found in these worlds using a form called Printmaking to create artworks.

 We did bubble shapes on our underwater backdrop.

Then we did stamping of different patterns in our art books.

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