Tuesday, 11 October 2016


We started the day with our daily number warm-ups. We are very good at quickly counting objects and combining them to figure out how many altogether.

Mr Morphew talked about the story of Abraham and how he had a lot of children at the age of 99!
God promised him he would have a lot of children and he did. When you believe in God and have faith he will always be there for us.

After the story Mr Morphew brought out a pink bag and Eloise and Chloe got to pick out 2 crowns.
In the story the people who lived in the same village as Abraham wanted a king they wanted a king they could see. God said "but you are my people you don't need to be like everyone else!" In the end God found them a good king called David.  God chose him because God was preparing him for a greater king called Jesus.

During Prelit we read us a story called The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. We looked at the front and back cover of the book and predicted what the story could be about. This was a story that had some different words in it like knobbly, roasted, poisonous. We talked about what these words mean.

We played our favourite game called 'Stuck in the Mud' where 2 people wear bibs and try to tip people. To get unstuck someone has to crawl between your legs.

We ended our lesson with the Parachute. What fun we had! We had to throw it up and 2 people would run underneath. We had to be really quick otherwise the parachute would land on us.

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