Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wacky Wednesday

Our Channel 7 weather girls today were Olive and Phynix. They told us what day today was and the date and then what the weather was going to be today. They did a great job.

Ms Jeong pointed to the letters m, a , s , t.  We said the name and sound of each letter.
Mr Morphew went over the story about Abraham and how he and his wife Sarah had alot of children late in life. God promised them alot of children and grandchildren. God delivered on his promise and looked after his people that believed in him.

 Mr Morphew had a bag of surprises and Crystelle-Marie and Anneke pulled our some animals that were present at Jesus's birth.

 Mr Morphew finished the lesson reading us a story about the birth of Jesus and we then got to draw a picture from the story out in the Big Space.



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