Monday, 14 November 2016

Arty Tuesday

Some of us finished off our foam fish drawings and shape printing.
A group of us did our sponge rolling over our amazing fish.
We are almost finished these activities.



 Having a quiet read!

Ms Jeong had some amazing pictures and we had to match the
pictures to the correct word and sound the word out. We had words
like hat, cot, cut.

We then got into a circle and wrote some of these words.

Ms Martin's introduced a new 'app' called
Bunce. This allows us to draw and choose lots of different
stickers.We can design the whole page with these great stickers
and add colourful backgrounds.


We enjoyed doing different workstations using
our throwing skills and kicking skills. We had a lot of fun moving
from one activity to another.





 Wow look at this!

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