Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fabulous Friday

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We continued making our shape prints with our sponge rollers.
They are looking amazing in their different colours. Some of us still
had to draw our fish and cut it out. We have decided to only add the
eyes and mouth and fin with the black markers. We need to get this
finished today because next week we will be making Christmas stamps
and decorating them onto wrapping paper. We will be using all the things 
we have learnt from making prints and stamps.

Mrs Abalter got us to say the names and sounds of the letters 
h u c b
Mrs Abfalter then held up a picture card and and we had
to say the beginning sound.

Mrs Kent read us a book called Pig the Elf by Aaron Blabey.
After the story we made Christmas bracelets with some
colourful beads. 

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