Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Fishday Thursday

We had 2 very special visitors come to Pre-K this morning. There name was John
and Daniel and they brought some fish and special plants to go in the 
tank.We were so excited to watch the fish swim from the net to our tank - their
new home. Some of the things John told us were so interesting.

- fish need 10 minutes to get used to the new water temperature & ph that needs
  to be added to their existing water.
- We need to change the water every 4 weeks and add water conditioner which removes
  the chlorine and other chemicals including ammonia.
- We now have 8 new fish. 
- Five are called Serpae tertris and they have red and black spots.

- One fish is called a Congo Tetris and is silver.

- Two are called Pearl Gouramai.

- On some fish you can tell if they are male or female by the shape of their fin.
- In some types of fish the males have more colour (opposite to bird's)
- Our fish have an automated feeder which turns and drops the food into the tank once per day.
   This can be adjusted if they need more food.

John will be coming back in four weeks with more fish to add to our tank. 

Ms Newman read us a story called "Bertie and the Bear" by
Pamela Allen. We had to say where the front and back cover was on the
book and predict what the story might be about.
Ms Newman asked us where bears might live in Australia?
 Cave in the jungle. Olive
 Reptile park. Charlotte
 In the wild. Faye
In a zoo. Eloise

We love playing in our creative fish tank. There is so
much to explore and find.


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