Thursday, 10 November 2016

Frantic Friday

Ms Jeong pointed to a number 0-20 and we had to say what
number it was. We have to make sure we say the numbers
correctly and remember what sequence they go in.
We are continuing with our drawing fish onto foam with lead
pencil and remembering not to press too hard. They have to be very big
so you can see them on our fish mural on the stage. We also did some shape
prints - cutting out foam pieces and sticking them onto cardboard. We then had toroll
paint onto these shapes with the sponge roller. This was alot of fun seeing how
the prints look at the very end. They look fantastic!

 We then went into the Big Space and some of did
these two activities and some worked with Mrs Lloyd painting
over the shape prints.

We sang our Christmas songs so well today. Our teachers
were very proud of us. We all know the words to the songs now.

Mrs Kent read us a story called "Snail Mail" with pull-out postacards.
This was a story about a snail who goes travelling and sends
postcards to his cousing Sam. Everytime we came to a big
envelope in the story Mrs Kent had us guessing what country the
snail was in. This was tricky but we got quite a few in the end.

 Quietly looking for our next book.
 Lining up to get our books zapped.

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