Sunday, 6 November 2016


Our day started with some amazing Channel 7 Weather Reporters
Sofia B
They used their big voices and told us what the date was, what the
weather was going to be and what day and date tomorrow will be.


What if God is trying to get our attention and what if we
are too busy to notice!
REFLECT is something we should do everyday. It is 
important to take some time and sit quietly on our own and think
about things. This is what Jesus did.

 Clare from CRU Camps told us about some great camps they
have for the school holidays. We watched a short video on what sort of activities
they do at these holiday camps. It looked like so much fun. You can take a 
look at
but spots feel up fast so don't wait too long.

We practiced our singing and hand actions for our Christmas concert.
We can't wait for you to come and watch us on our big day. Remember to book tickets.

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