Sunday, 27 November 2016

Manic Monday

We looked at the sound Ee and practiced it's name and what
sound it makes. Words we used were:

Is caring about how other people feel and taking the
time to understand and care how other people are feeling.
The bible says we should feel sad when our friends are sad and
we should feel happy when our friends are happy

We sang our Bee song in high and low voices then Ms Clouston
sang us a story called "The Other Day I Met a Bear" by John M Feirabend.
We had to listen carefully and sing the words back to Ms Clouston.

 We sand Bow Wow Wow Whose Dog Are You? Some
of us used instruments and we had to decide how many
beats there were in the song.
 Marching to the beat

 Enjoying our Fishtank Play

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