Sunday, 13 November 2016

Mindful Monday


Today we looked at the letter 'h'. We practised the 
sound it makes and looked at some words that start with 'h'
Mrs Abfalter tried to trick us by mixing up the pictures. 
We had to say what the picture was and the first sound it made. We
had to listen carefully for the first sound and then place it in the
correct column on the board.
We are confident with the following letter sounds:
a c d f g h i l m o r s t u



During this time some girls finished their reporter and photographer work. We are doing a great job working together!

Other girls practised figuring out missing numbers and the number before and after a given number.


 We did a lovely card for Lucy who came to Pre-K last 
term and helped us. We thanked her with this card
and gave it to Mrs Smyth to give to her granddaughter Lucy.
We hope to see you again Lucy!


MR Morphew spoke about optism. It means when we expect the best and hope things will go well.
We live in a world where things go wrong everyday. It is better to focus
on the positive. We need a reason to be optimistic, even when things
go wrong. If there is no God making sure everything is okay how can
we expect things to go okay.



"What do we need to put in a fish tank?"

We need plants and lots of kinds of fish.
Green seaweed. Phynix
We need some bubbles. Eloise
Some plants, some food, some fish, things so they can live. You can have freshwater and saltwater. Tiffany
We need different kinds of rocks so they can keep their treasure in it. Sophia T
We need homes in the fish tank for the fish - big rocks. T
We need sand. Charlotte
We need a filter so we can keep the water clean. Faye






We read a story called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. It was about a boy who found a penguin
at his door. Imagine that!

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