Monday, 21 November 2016


We did more shape printing today with Mrs Lloyd. We need to fill the whole page with our printing block. For some of us that have finished out printing shapes we went into the Big Space and had to draw an OUTLINE of a fish with pencil.We then cut it out. After that we could add some eyes with a black marking pen. We learnt that OUTLINE means a line that goes on the outside of an object.

Today we learnt about a new application called 'Buncee' - this allows us to draw, choose different backgrounds and add stickers like cats, people, flowers, monsters and a lot more. There was so much to choose from and we had a lot of fun playing around and learning all the different techniques we can use.

Today we learnt about the letter 'Bb'. We had to decide what the first sound was in each word and put it with the right group. We also brainstormed other words that start with the 'b' sound and drew these on the board.

It was so hot today, so we took off our tunics and wore only our aprons over our shirts outside. We also put on sunscreen and drank LOTS of water!!!

We have finished out big rocks! We put them on the stage in our life-size fish tank!

The rehearsals are going well. It is coming together really well! We can't wait to perform for you.

Sophie talked to us about her ballet exam and showed us pictures. We loved seeing your beautiful outfit and hair! Well done, Sophie! You must have worked so hard.

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