Monday, 7 November 2016

Tuesday Tales

We are practising really hard to make sure we perform our songs well, keeping to the beat and listening to the music. Our rehearsals are coming along very well!

We learnt rhymes for the numbers 7, 8 and 9. We are practising to write our numbers correctly. We had races to see who could write numbers the fastest, using the right formation.

After our visit to the aquarium we learnt that there are different types of water environments. We aren't quite sure what kind of water we have in our classroom fish tank, so we decided that we need to ask our school fish man, John. We wrote an email to him asking him for his advice.

We want to buy some fish for our tank very soon!

Today we did an obstacle course to practise our gymnastics skills. We used a high beam, trampolines, a sky walker and did lots of rolling. We got to jump into the foam pit from the high beam.

At the end we got to play stuck in the mud. We love that game!

Mrs Abfalter was away today! We hope she gets better soon! x

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