Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Today we sounded out words like
r u g
r a t
m u d
We had to say what the first, second, third sound was in each word and then how many sounds in each word.We are getting very good at listening to the sounds and matching them to the letter cards.
We started our lesson dancing to some songs then Mr
Morphew brought out his pink bag which is full of surprises!
We pulled out things that reminded us of the story we have read so far about
Jesus and how he was born and became king!

 Mr Morphew read us a story called "The King of all Kings",
which was about the birth of Jesus and how the disciples found Jesus
by following the star in the East all the way to Bethlehem.
 We then went into the Big Space and drew 3 disciples and the 
gifts they had brought baby Jesus.


We are making a card for Lucy who came into Pre-K and
helped us last term.  We loved having her here with us and hope
she can come back very soon!



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