Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Wednesday 09.11.2016

Weather Chart:
We had two fabulous Channel 7 weather girls. They told us in the most professional voice the date and what the weather was. WOW! 

Christian Studies

Junior School Assembly:
We saw a lot of students get various awards at Assembly. We sat so beautifully. Our teachers were really proud of us. A girl from Hamilton did a special performance playing the violin. We watched quietly in awe!

Congratulations to the above girls who received awards at the Junior School Assembly. We are so proud of their achievements.

Today we did workstations doing various gymnastics skills.
"My favourtie part was jumping on the trampoline" Sophia T.
"I loved rolled down the mat" Faye
"I liked rolling on the little mat" Jessica
To end the lesson we played pack girls.

Mrs Abfalter wasn't with us again today. We hope she feels better soon. Get well Mrs Abfalter.

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