Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Christian Studies:
Mr Morphew took us for a short lesson today. We had just enough time for some singing and dancing and making a Christmas Card.  

Christmas Concert Practise:
We had the AKT all to ourselves for Christmas Concert practise. We are perfecting running on to the stage and then spacing ourselves out. The count down is on....only a few more practices left. We can't wait to perform the Rocket song and dance for all our loved ones.

Junior School Assembly:

It was a very special Junior School Assembly today. It was a farewell for the lovely Year 6 Teacher Mrs Suellen White. We are lucky that she isn't going far. She has taken up a new position in the Senior School as a director of International Studies.......so basically she gets to travel the world with the PLC girls. How exciting!!!
We are going to miss you Mrs White.....but we are excited that we will get to see your friendly face around School, and hopefully one day we will get to travel with you. All the best!

We played a game of stuck in the mud as a warm up. Then it was time for running and balancing and putting beanbags inside the hoop. This was a team effort. We were very hot and sweaty after this. When then played Pac girl. Everyone has to stay on the line of the basketball court and 2 girls are in to try and catch everyone.

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