Sunday, 4 December 2016

Busy Monday

What an exciting morning! Mrs Martin came to Pre-K to show us some real-life animals that you can find in the ocean. We had to figure out if they were a fish or not. 

What do fish have?
Gills - Sofia B
Scales - Kaitlyn
Fins - Eloise

What do fish have in their backs? 
Bones - Sophia T

We practised being scientists by observing and making comments about what we saw. Some of us were the recorders. We had to write down our findings. 

One of the sea creatures we looked at was a sardine. We decided this was a fish because it had gills, which they need to breathe with. It also had fins, to help it swim, and scales and a backbone. So A SARDINE IS A FISH!

We also looked at a prawn, crab, small red fish, octopus, squid and a mussel.

A backbone is hard and bumpy. Some of us felt the backbone to check. A squid had a clear, smooth, hard inside shell. It looks a bit like plastic, but it is not a backbone.

An octopus has 8 legs, called tentacles. It has suckers to help it move around. IT IS NOT A FISH!

We learnt that fish have fins, gills, scales and backbones. We also found out that animals that have a hard shell on the outside don't have backbones.

Guess what?! Sharks and stingrays are also FISH!

Today we rehearsed Christmas Carols for the Festival of Carols, on the last day of school. We are looking forward to this special event.

 We sang different songs using the bean bags and sang with soft and high voices. We had to clap out the beats and count them. This took a lot of listening and concentration.

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